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Manuscript Writing

I offer to write the entire manuscript since its inception. This process starts with sharing the findings of your study. This is followed by a detailed discussion with the stake holders regarding the various aspects to be covered in the manuscript. Periodic updates are given regarding the progress of the manuscript before it is finalized and readied for submission. 

Complete one-stop solutions are offered for the following types of manuscripts:

  • Original Articles                                            

  • Case Reports/ Case series 

  • Review Articles

  • Systematic Reviews 

  • Correspondence/Letters to the Editor/ short communications 

  • Plain Language Summaries

  • Imageries 

Manuscript Editing/Reviewing

I review and edit written manuscripts, making these comply with the established global standards of medical writing. All types of manuscripts are professionally edited. 

Complying/customizing for targeted journals:

Every journal has specific requirements which can be overlooked at the time of submission. This can jeopardize the chances of acceptance. This includes customizing the references, tables, supplementary data according to the targeted journal. It also includes completing the submission formalities and paperwork which can be exhausting and time consuming. 

Brainstorming / Executing projects:

During the formative stages of a research project, guidance with regards to the research methodology and help carry out the entire study in accordance with the ICMR guidelines.

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